Jamila Diallo
The events in your lifetime don't mean anything . What do you think of that?

I know this could sound weird, but this is true.

Jamila Diallo

 What happens to you means almost nothing. It is neither good nor bad, happy or sad. It's what we should make of it. Quite simply, it has the meaning we choose .

Jamila Diallo

More often than not, we're not even conscious of we label our experiences. We have attached a meaning to a event for such a long time that we do it automatically. Well, here's the fun part: the meaning could be added, but it may also be removed. You can affect the meaning of any event in your life.

Think of an event that disturbs you together with ask yourself:

'' What meaning do I want to give the wedding ? ''.

Look at the event on every side, from every angle. Ensure you see it in a different light, from another point of vue.Try to imagine as many meanings as you can.

Make a list of 5 different meanings that you can attribute.Use your imagination.have fun with this.Then, pick the one that empowers you.

Jamila Diallo


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